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Education plays an important part in the Search and Rescue process. Search Dog Network’s mission is “To Train, Certify and Deploy, professional Canine Search Teams to locate missing persons”. Ideally, it would be best if no one ever got lost! Realistically, it is important to help adults and children learn how to avoid getting lost and what to do if they do get lost. Search Dog Network (SDN) offers programs that address this.

Many people are interested in learning how search groups and search dogs work, so SDN offers presentations tailored to each request and age group.

Materials are available for emergency managers to inform them of Search Dog Network’s capabilities, search dog disciplines, how to select a competent search group, and more.

  • Elementary: Lost!… But Found, Safe and Sound
    • This program was developed by the Association of National Park Rangers. It is a program for children on how not to get lost, how to stay comfortable if they do get lost, and how they can be found more quickly.
  • Middle School & High School
    • Powerpoint presentation on the basics of search dog training. Types of search dogs, qualities of a good search dog, basic scent theory, and demonstration upon request.
  • College Level
    • More detailed Powerpoint presentation on the process of search dog training.  Types of search dogs, qualities of a good search dog, basic  scent theory, and more.

SHSU Graduate Students performing a line search for forensic clues

SHSU demo: One training technique (Daisy wheel) to pinpoint odor

Remi offering a bark alert on source during demonstration in an SHSU class.

  • Other Organizations
    • Available for presentations to other adult groups, time permitting. Email for information.